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The Child astrology can give valuable information related to progeny and the child-birth. You can figure out the timings of conceiving your first baby through your birth chart. Astrology illuminates a ray of hope for couples awaiting child-birth for longer periods. One can find answers to all questions related to progeny or child-birth through astrology.

When Will I Have My First Baby? 

The birth chart can indicate the timings to have the first baby for an individual. The child prediction primarily focuses on the 5th house in the birth chart. An astrologer takes into account the following factors while predicting conceiving a child:
  • The dasha period of the 5th lord or the planet sitting in the 5th house
  • The transit of Jupiter, which is the primary karaka of progeny over the fifth house in the birth chart
  • Activation of the 5th and 9th houses

How to predict a baby by astrology?

Child astrology can indicate the timing of conceiving a child and other issues related to child-birth. Astrology helps in predicting the parent child relationship with the help of the birth chart.  The position of the 5th house and its Lord decides the relations between the parents and the children. The 5th house is a house of children, and if it is under malefic influence, the person faces problems in progeny. The affliction of the 5th house creates problems in relations with the children. The children may not listen to their parents or have to live away from them.

Choose the perfect baby name with child astrology 

The name of the baby can affect growth and prosperity in his life. Astrology helps to keep the right name for the baby. An auspicious name attracts prosperity for the child. The Moon in the birth chart falls under a specific nakshatra called janam nakshatra for all individuals. Every nakshatra has a specific deity and a syllable. When the syllable associated with the janam nakshatra is called repeatedly, it activates the positive energy and blessings of the related deity. One should choose the perfect baby name with the help of astrology which ensures growth and prosperity for the child. 

Know the best time of conceiving a child with child astrology

Timing is very important in astrology. Vedic astrology believes that doing important things at the right time fetches positive results. One can know the favourable period for conceiving a healthy baby. Knowing the favourable time ensures a lovable, wise, successful and prosperous child.    The Moon is important in indicating the right muhurat for conceiving a child. The moon’s waning and waxing phases determine the child’s destiny and health. Astrology uses methods that have a scientific approach in suggesting the period for conceiving a child. In Astrology, the Moon is connected with the menstrual cycle of women, which is exactly what medical practitioners consider while determining the ovulation cycle. If a child is conceived in the right muhurta, there are very few chances of complications and failures. Thus, one should consult an astrologer to know the favourable time for conceiving a baby. Astrology can predict caesarean or normal delivery One can know about the caesarian or normal delivery through the birth chart. The affliction of the 5th house and its relation with the 8th house gives surgery. Mars, Rahu and Ketu are responsible for surgery or caesarian delivery, while the benefic influence suggests normal delivery.

Remedies for a successful child-birth

Some remedies have been enumerated below for the child-birth:
  • One should worship Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati as they are the divine parents for healthy progeny.
  • Strengthen the planet Jupiter in the birth chart to get positive results related to progeny. One can recite the Beej mantra of Jupiter to remove ill effects from the birth chart.
  • Wear favourable gemstones as suggested by the astrologer.
  • Water a Tulsi plant daily to fetch the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, bringing prosperity to the house.
  • Recite Santana Gopala Mantra to get positive results related to child-birth.
  • Pacify malefic planets causing problems and hurdles in progeny.
  • Help and donate to poor and needy people.
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