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5 Things To Relish This Summer

Have you planned to cope up with summers? The summer season brings a period of hot, dry and humid climate throughout. With the soaring temperature- sunscreen lotions, sunglasses and ACs are always in action.

Well, what about summer foods? Everyone loves summer vacations for sure and few of us even have an idea or two on what to eat in the summers. This season is often accompanied by dehydration, skin sensitivities, etc., so the summer should be all about foods that keep you hydrated and healthy too. Here’s is a list of selected food options that you will love to devour in the summer.

Apricots- The natural sunscreen during summers

Apricots are a special treat for protecting your skin during summers. They are rich in Vitamin A which is essential for healthy skin. Always go for ripe apricots as they are richer in beta-carotene. To keep the summer heat at bay, eat apricots daily. Do remember that if the skin of the apricot is smooth and soft, it is fresh and ripe.

5 Things To Relish This Summer 1 Apricot for 5 thing to relish the summer

Watermelon- A Hydration Hero

Nothing can be better to beat the heat than devouring a watermelon. It is an essential, amazingly healthy and delicious fruit. The high water content in it will keep you full for a long time. Watermelon contains lycopene, which protects the skin from sun damage. So this summer, whenever you feel like grabbing a cola to beat the heat, rush to the nearest fruit shop and have a fresh watermelon instead.

5 Things To Relish This Summer 2 watermelon for 5 thing to relish this summer

Mango- The king of fruits

The one fruit that is loved by everyone and it is something that makes people eagerly wait for the summers to come. Mango consists of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In addition, mangoes contain traces of magnesium, selenium, calcium, iron, and phosphorus which are vital for the body. The most special thing about mangoes is that they are found in abundance only during summer. Fresh mangoes on a market stall

5 Things To Relish This Summer 3 mango for 5 things to relish this summer

Coconut Water- The powerhouse of nutritional benefits

Coconut water is inexpensive and has electrolytes that make it a powerful hydrating agent. Other than an excellent cooling drink, it helps in reducing blood pressure levels. Re-energize your body with coconut water during the summers. It has reliable anti-aging properties as well.

5 Things To Relish This Summer 4 coconut water for 5 things to relish this summer

Cucumber- The Bliss of Summer

Cucumber is an inexpensive and highly beneficial summer food. It promotes hair growth and removes toxins from our body. It’s a refreshing summer vegetable that can be incorporated into your daily diet. Light and refreshing, cucumbers can also be used in many face masks for relief during the summers.

5 Things To Relish This Summer 5 Cucumber for 5 things to relish this summer

The time of summer is perfect to find places where you can relish delicious summer recipes. Are you planning to visit such a place in the summer? Well, one such place is Hotel Daspalla in Hyderabad. There are a lot of summer specialties served here which includes all the selected food mentioned here. Just visit Hotel Daspalla and enjoy the terrific and tasty delicacies of the summer.

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